Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for my trip?

You can pay for your trip in two ways; In advance with your credit card and Pay Pal or, in person with either cash/card/mobile pay.

How do I view, change or cancel my trips?

You can manage all of your bookings created by the same email address by creating an account. Click on the "Login" button on the Book Now page. If you made a booking before creating an account, don't worry, you can still see all bookings made with that email address once the account is created. Once you have logged into your account, simply click on the portrait outline next to your name (if on mobile) or on your name itself if on PC. There will be a drop down that says Appointments and My Info which you can select to manage either one.

I have created an account but, I can't see certain bookings, why?

If you created a booking for someone else and used their email address, you will not be able to manage that booking with your account. Only bookings used with the same email address as your account will be available for you to see. If you made a booking before creating an account, don't worry, you can still see all bookings made with that email address once the account is created.

I tried to reschedule my booking but, it won't let me select a time close to my current bookings time.

The system still sees the booking that you are looking to change and will not allow another booking to be made within 50 mins of that booking. If you are trying to shift the time within that 50 mins then you will need to either, cancel the booking and re-book for the new time or, contact me by text or email and I can change the time directly in the system.

How do I book online?

Step 1: Click on the Book Now button on the Home page or Book Online button on the top menu bar.
Step 2: Locate the service that you would like and click on the Book Now button.
(Click the service name for more details on the service) Step 3: Select the date you would like for the booking. Step 4: Select the time you would like to be picked up if going to the airport or the time your flight lands if coming from the airport, then press the yellow Contact Info button. Step 5: Fill in your info in the required fields (Required fields have an * at the end of the title). - First and Last Name (of passenger): Just one name of one of the passengers - Email Address (for confirmation email): Sent now and 24 hours prior to trip time - Cell Phone Number (of passenger): To contact upon arrival/landing - Street: Of the pick up or drop off location - Apt. #: Not required unless you live in an apartment - City: Part of the Street address - Airline + Flight Number (Tracking Purposes): Only needed for airport return trip - Drop-Off Point (Personal Driving Service Only): Only use this field if you are selecting the Personal Driving Service, used for anything other than airport runs. - Add't Notes (Personal Gate Code, Extra Luggage): Please note how much luggage - Number of Passengers: The number of people riding Once all the required fields are filled out click the Next button. Step 6: Choose whether you want to pay in advance with a Credit / Debit Card or PayPal or pay in person with either Cash or Credit / Debit Card or Mobile Pay, then click Complete Booking.

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